About Us

DigitalScot.net is the online social business community for Digital Scotland, a Scottish Ltd company based in Edinburgh, founded by Neil McEvoy.

A simplistic way to describe the goal of the site is a localized “Linkedin for Scotland”.

Community Features

Any one is welcome to join DigitalScot.net. You can then fill in a membership profile and utilize a variety of collaboration and content marketing tools, such as posting and promoting blogs, project groups and collaborative wiki document editing.

The main idea is that the site and community membership facilitates a “Virtual Coworking Center”.

Showcasing Digital Scots to the World

A principle theme of content published to the site is to showcase the many pioneers of Scotland’s digital industry and the exciting projects they are developing, from large, well funded startups through the earliest of ideas.

Featured Digital Scots.

World Leading Digital Nation

Our mission is to support the Scottish Government’s Digital Economy strategy, and their ambition of Scotland becoming a world leading digital nation by 2020. Read more in the Digital Nation Action Plan.