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World Leading Digital Nation by 2020 is organized around the Scottish Government’s Digital Economy Action Plan. is a community organized around @scotgov's Digital Economy Action Plan. You can participate to help realize the goal of Scotland becoming a world leading digital nation by 2020. Click to Tweet

Community Action Plan

The Scottish Government identifies numerous goals and tasks across major policy areas from broadband infrastructure through education and their own Digital Government adoption, for achieving an overall goal of Scotland becoming a world leading digital nation by 2020.

Digital Scotland is a commercial, entrepreneur-driven initiative that will compliment the public sector campaign through acting as a “Community Action Plan“. You can join the site, and then take on tasks to become part of that action.

Scottish Digital Innovators and Best Practices Library

In particular a key goal is to showcase digital entrepreneurs and innovators across the Scottish private and public sector, through our Featured Digital Scots campaign. Submit a blog here..

Local Best Practices Map – This is for purposes of sharing examples of Digital Transformation leadership for others to learn from and repeat, especially so when they are presented in template form such as Aberdeen City Council.

Group Action Projects

Through a combination of blogs, wikis, collaborative groups and project management tools, the site acts as an overall ‘Community Action Plan’ to help action and manage that group of activities.

In short a group-level “todo list”. Community members can start individual projects that align to the individual goals, read more in these examples; and the site itself overall is aligned to these goals:

  • Collaborate with digital industry experts in developing Government economic policy.

  • Catalyze communities of talent to grow and develop in our cities and other key locations, so that entrepreneurs, innovators and technical experts can exchange ideas and develop new solutions together.

Vendor Profiles

As this demonstrates this offers vendors the ideal context to showcase their products and solutions, and we will also showcase those vendors who have directly taken up the national challenge as part of their own commercial strategies, such as Microsoft Scotland:

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