Smart Village Scotland

Smart Village Scotland

A Digital Scotland Action Project

Action Projects are community-driven initiatives to help realize an overall goal of Scotland becoming a world leading digital nation.

Business Plan and Strategy for Rural and Tourism Development in a Digital Scotland.

The Smart Village (Scotland) initiative was inspired through Kenny Higgins who has spent around 2 years researching and a further 2 years stimulating development ideas to enhance the village of Strathyre and its tourism appeal, which is so vital to the local economy of the village.

The entire process provided the essential components of a strategy that can be replicated in so many rural communities all over Scotland.

Download the full business plan. We are seeking £55k to fund the project for two years.

Key Insights and Actions

  1. The project will Bridge the gap in Scotland’s Rural, Tourism and Digital Economies.
  2. Digital Scotland ² – Through bringing powerful Cloud computing services to Scotland’s rural communities.
  3. Early actions will include developing a Digital Tourism portal for the town of Lanark.

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