Action Plan - Digital Scotland

Action Plan

World Leading Digital Nation by 2020

Our primary goal is to define and implement the Digital Scotland Action Plan.

The headline agenda for our community is to augment and help the Scottish Government achieve their Digital Economy vision, which defines an overall goal of Scotland becoming a world leading digital nation by 2020.

This is a suitably inspiring ambition that will realize benefits across business, education and society, but faces significant challenges to make it happen. As this Civica report highlights:

Less than half of local government workers in Scotland believe it will become a digital nation by 2020.

only 19% of local government workers believed their organisation had a clear vision for its transformation journey, with 15% stating it never will.

Digital Scotland is a commercial, entrepreneur-driven initiative that will compliment the public sector campaign through:

  • Showcase leading Scottish digital innovators to the world, through our Featured Digital Scots campaign.
  • Documenting and sharing examples of Digital Transformation leadership for other public sector organizations to follow, such as Aberdeen City Council, Registers of Scotland and others under a headline theme of Digital Government Transformation.
  • Digital Venture acceleration – As Cloud computing experts we will proactively launch and grow a number of Platforms that deliver accelerating capabilities in key areas including a digital marketplace, e-learning community, social enterprise support services and virtual startup incubator.