Directory Marketing

Submit a Listing

The DigitalScot Directory offers a listings catalogue of digital suppliers in Scotland. Select the Submit option to add your company.

Claim your Listing

In some cases your listing will have already been created, you can ‘claim’ and take ownership of it, so that you can edit the contact info, service detail info etc.

To claim your listing simply select the flag icon above the entry:

Edit Listing

To edit your listing on an ongoing basis select the menu option : Submit > Directory > Edit:

Buyers Guide Marketing

To generate traffic for the listings Digital Scotland conducts ongoing marketing of the directory, primarily through promoting the DigitalScot.Services Buyers Guide:

Click to launch

This provides a brief, introductory overview to the various supplier categories, with links back to the directory to encourage traffic and enquiries.

It also links to more in-depth blogs to explain topics in more detail, which vendors can also submit to the site (here) for inclusion into the guide.

These blogs are also directly promoted, maximizing the exposure for each individual supplier.

For example the guide references this blog for Cobry, a provide of G-Suite email collaboration:

Cloud in Scotland’s Third Sector – Case study: Simon Community Scotland