.Social Innovation – Bridging the Digital Divide

Harnessing technology innovations for Scotland’s social needs

The Digital Scotland .Social program is intended to focus the process and experts of technology innovation on society’s critical challenges, notably poverty and homelessness, to ‘bridge the digital divide’ of social exclusion.

Social Tech Best Practices

The purpose of the .Social initiative is to cluster together “Social Tech” entrepreneurs and progress real-world transformational projects, and to showcase active projects and industry leaders.

As the Nominet Trust describes Social Tech is the category of technology “transforming lives and communities for the better”. From chatbots, digital food wallets and online tracking there are a myriad of pioneers trying out new ideas to tackle social needs like homelessness.

Featured Digital Scot – Gave Neate: The Neatebox

In Scotland innovators like The Neatebox are focusing on the accessibility of retail stores and street crossings for the disabled, visually impaired or in other way socially disadvantaged. The mobile app can provide instructive guidance to store staff so helps the organization deliver better service for their cross section of customers.