Action Plan – Realising Scotland’s Full Potential in a Digital World

How you can participate in the Digital Scotland action community

World Leading Digital Nation by 2020 is organized around the Scottish Government’s Digital Economy Action Plan, to help meet the goal of:

developing and delivering world-class digital infrastructure across all of Scotland by 2020.

Community Action Plan

Digital Scotland is a commercial, entrepreneur-driven initiative that will compliment the public sector campaign through acting as a “Community Action Plan“, aligned to these goals within the strategy:

“Collaborate with digital industry experts in developing Government economic policy.

Catalyze communities of talent to grow and develop in our cities and other key locations, so that entrepreneurs, innovators and technical experts can exchange ideas and develop new solutions together.”

Sharing Best Practices

The Scottish Government has defined an inspiring, ambitious goal for the country to become a world leading digital nation by 2020.

However, research earlier this year from Civica identified an alarming reality gap between these high-level aims and the public sector charged with making them happen:

  • “57% of local government employees in Scotland do not believe the nation will achieve its digital vision by 2020.”
  • “Only 43% of local government workers believe the country will achieve its vision of being recognised as a truly digital nation by 2020.”
  • “only 19% of local government employees in Scotland believe their organisation has a clear vision for its transformation journey”.

Therefore our goal is to help contribute to the momentum and accelerate progress. This includes sharing best practices, documenting case studies such as Dundee City Council who have developed an inspiring vision for their digital transformation.

Further case studies will be documented into a Digital Government Roadmap ebook, and we’ll repeat this exercise for numerous other important fields, including Cloud computing, FinTech, Digital Tourism and others.


So the first action contributors are welcome to take is simply to Submit an article for inclusion into this resource pool. Each will be integrated into our site knowledge base and ebooks.

Community Action Projects

For those who would like to volunteer on a more involved basis Community Action Projects are initiatives to bring teams together to collaborate on ideas and issues important to them, and that they feel will help advance progress of Scotland as a world leading digital nation.

Current Action Projects include:

  • – A campaign is to pioneer innovative ‘Social Tech’ solutions to grow ‘Social Business‘ in Scotland, to help tackle issues such as poverty and homelessness.

Volunteers are welcome to participate in existing projects, and start and lead new ones. Simply comment below with your ideas and we’ll be in touch…

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