Action Plan

World Leading Digital Nation by 2020

Digital Scotland is a consulting solution network and action community, organized around the Scottish Government’s Digital Economy Action Plan, to help meet the goal of:

Digital Scotland Action Plan: A portfolio of technology innovation action projects to deliver a world-class digital infrastructure across all of Scotland by 2020. Click to Tweet

Community Action Plan

Digital Scotland is a commercial, entrepreneur-driven initiative that will compliment the public sector campaign through acting as a “Community Action Plan“, aligned to these goals within the strategy:

“Collaborate with digital industry experts in developing Government economic policy.

Catalyze communities of talent to grow and develop in our cities and other key locations, so that entrepreneurs, innovators and technical experts can exchange ideas and develop new solutions together.”

Action Projects

For those who would like to volunteer on a more involved basis Community Action Projects are initiatives to bring teams together to collaborate on ideas and issues important to them, and that they feel will help advance progress of Scotland as a world leading digital nation.

  • Build a Best Practices Library – Our site is intended to act as a knowledge base, documenting best practices around major policy programs intended to support these goals.
  • Roll out Smart Villages – Ensure each and every rural community across Scotland is equipped to participate in the 21st century digital economy.
  • Local Digital Action Plans offer a holistic engagement that leverages technology to stimulate the local economy, through programs intended to boost entrepreneurism, create jobs, rejuvenate community assets and tackle social exclusion and poverty.
  • Develop Industry Accelerators – Digital Scotland will develop a series of industry-specific R&D and Business Development programs, for sectors including Blockchain and Cloud Computing, Open Banking and GovTech.
  • Grow Global – Digital Scotland will help the nation’s small businesses punch above their weight globally.
  • Launch a Digital Services Marketplace – Digital Scotland will launch, a marketplace for freelancers and small businesses.