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Care Sourcer raises £8.5m funding

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As the Scotsman reports Edinburgh startup Care Sourcer has raised £8.5m series A round funding from Legal & General Retirement Retail and ADV, following a seed round of £500k from the same investors.

In addition to this being another great tech startup taking shape in Scotland, what is especially important is the size of the deal.

While Scotland won’t match the USA for it’s mega VC deals (no one will), under-funding of tech startups has been a key challenge for the sector; if this sets a precedent of a regular deal flow of £5-10m startup rounds then Scotland can truly think in terms of being a major tech startup hub on the global stage.

Best Practices

Care Sourcer is the first UK comparison and matching site for older people care. It allows customers to receive three offers from care providers who have immediate availability.

The overall public sector transformation context and the best practices they can be considered for, is introduced in this blog:

Harnessing the Shared Value Agenda for Integrated Health and Social Care in Scotland

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