Featured Digital Scots

Scotland’s leading digital innovators.

Care Sourcer raises £8.5m funding

Edinburgh startup @Caresourcer raises £8.5m series A funding.

Harnessing the Decentralized Web for Digital Government

How the public sector can harness the emerging 'Decentralized Web'

FinTech in Scotland

A brief summary of the FinTech sector in Scotland, including government programs and growing startups.

CivTech and Wallet.Services – Driving Blockchain Innovation in Government

ScotChain presentation from CivTech and Wallet.services on the transformational role of the Blockchain for Government.

Cloud in Scotland’s Third Sector – Case study: Simon Community Scotland

Simon Community Scotland performs essential work for the nations homeless, aided now through adopting the Cloud.

Banking as a Platform – Blueprint for Scotland’s Blockchain Economy

@wallet_services offer a keystone 'Banking as a Platform' foundation for Scotland's FinTech industry goals.

Featured Digital Scot: Gavin Neate – The Neatebox

Gavin Neate is an inspiring example of the entrepreneurial ingenuity being cultivated in Scotland, and the Neatebox products he's developing an exemplar case study of the concept of 'Social Smart Cities'.