Technology Innovation

Harnessing WordPress and Open Data Social Mapping to tackle homelessness

How Open Source Software and Open Data can be utilized to tackle social needs like homelessness.

Could Scotland be a pioneer of Blockchain Democracy?

Blockchain-enabled Digital Voting offers a pathway to full "Liquid Democracy".

The – Harnessing Digital Storytelling to Break Down Homelessness Stereotypes

A project to launch a homeless owned and written online newspaper in Edinburgh.

Harnessing the Decentralized Web for Digital Government

How the public sector can harness the emerging 'Decentralized Web'

How can Scottish SMEs make the most of G-Cloud?

What with the latest iteration of the £3.1bn govtech framework up and running, it is now even more crucial than ever that SMEs utilise the benefits that G-Cloud presents to them. Especially SMEs based in Scotland.

Napier University – Blockchain Cloud Identity pioneer

Napier University is pioneering cutting edge Blockchain innovations.

A Sovereign Identity for a Sovereign Scotland?

Self-sovereign architecture offers a decentralized web approach to digital Identity.