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IBM for a better Social Scotland?

IBM for a better Social Scotland?


This Digital Debate centres around this IT outsourcing deal, awarding a contract to IBM for the first implementation of Scotland’s devolved welfare powers.

Repeating Disaster?

The fundamental question to pose is are we at risk of simply repeating the same failed programs? What is the SNP planning to do differently to achieve a more successful Social Security system for Scotland?

The many failures of Universal Credit have been widely reported and the National Audit Office concluded:

We think that there is no practical alternative to continuing with Universal Credit. We recognise the determination and single-mindedness with which the Department has driven the programme forward to date, through many problems. However, throughout the introduction of Universal Credit local and national organisations that represent and support claimants have raised a number of issues about the way Universal Credit works in practice.

Think tank CommonSpace has also considered the Scottish implementation with this perspective, and for our own purposes we conducted some simple user testing, again confirming the implementation is basically a shambles of broken IT processes:

FOI Request

To further understand this situation and the Scottish Government’s plans in this area, we have submitted a FOI request to seek clarification of the Scottish Government’s decision making process to arrive at the IBM deal.


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