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Platform Toolkit and Ecosystem Design App for ‘GaaP’ – Government as a Platform

Platform Toolkit and Ecosystem Design App for ‘GaaP’ – Government as a Platform
A headline best practice focus for Digital Scotland is for the public sector, through a ‘Digital Government Transformation’ article series

Central to this will be sharing insights about the ‘Platform Business Model‘ for this type of national purpose, that when applied to the public sector is defined as ‘Government as a Platform’:

It’s not limited to the public sector, it’s a general purpose model that can be applied to any industry scenario. For example FinTech, through ‘Banking as a Platform‘, also showcasing how Scotland is incubating many of the next ‘unicorn’ startup ventures like Wallet.Services.

Within the public sector the concept of ‘GaaP’ – Government as a Platform, has been discussed extensively since this first video by Tim O’Reilly.

Notably the UK Government is a particular world leader, both through their own early adoption work of the approach and also through the direct implementation of the model via the Digital Marketplace and G-Cloud procurement program.

Digital Government Action Plan

For Scotland this would correspond specifically with these policy goals from the Digital Action Plan:

Deploy common technologies that can be built and procured once rather than multiple times

Create common digital platforms for services that will encourage Scottish public and voluntary sector organisations to innovate in the delivery of public services”

“Make better use of cloud-based solutions as a source of both cost reduction and service innovation”

Platform Design Toolkit

One of the main challenges of the UK adoption has been an over-emphasis on the technology aspects, in particular API interfaces et al.

These are indeed central components however the Platform Business Model is defined specifically as that, ie. a business not a technical model.

Therefore one of the first essential steps to take is to qualify your design process is beginning at the right level of scope: If you are already into APIs before any business model work has been done you have put the horse before the cart.

A tremendous resource to start you at this correct level is the Platform Design Toolkit.

Transform Accelerator

Having developed the right Platform models for your industry scenario requirements, you then need the right tools for the next job of describing them into detailed transformation planning documents.

An example of such a tool is the Transform Accelerator app available from Tr3dent, offering a SaaS solution specifically built for mapping Platform Business Models, enabling you to list and interconnect the various ‘ecosystem’ participants that form your marketplace.

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