Digital Government Transformation

Digital Government Transformation Best Practices for Scotland

Ongoing analysis of Government technology innovations, case studies and implementation models from around Scotland and the world, and how Scotland’s public sector can adopt and benefit from them.

Harnessing WordPress and Open Data Social Mapping to tackle homelessness

How Open Source Software and Open Data can be utilized to tackle social needs like homelessness.

Could Scotland be a pioneer of Blockchain Democracy?

Blockchain-enabled Digital Voting offers a pathway to full "Liquid Democracy".

Open Government as a Platform – Harnessing Collective Intelligence

What can governments learn from the open-data revolution? In this stirring talk, Beth Noveck, the former deputy CTO at the White House, shares a vision of practical openness -- connecting bureaucracies to citizens, sharing data, creating a truly participatory democracy. Imagine the "writable society" ...

Harnessing the Shared Value Agenda for Integrated Health and Social Care in Scotland

Combining Cloud platforms with Michael Porters 'Value Agenda' best practices to meet Scotland's needs for Integrated Health and Social Care

Dundee’s Vision for Digital Scotland

DundeeCouncil offers a powerful opening vision for their local Digital Scotland strategy

Harnessing the Decentralized Web for Digital Government

How the public sector can harness the emerging 'Decentralized Web'

Platform Toolkit and Ecosystem Design App for ‘GaaP’ – Government as a Platform

A tool set combination for Scottish Government agencies to consider when planning their Digital Transformation business model scenarios.

Blockchain Digital Government

Defining the role the Blockchain will play in enabling and accelerating Digital Government transformation and new online services.

British Columbia best practices: Self-Sovereign ID – Building Digital Trust into the Web

How British Columbia @BCGovNews is pioneering adoption of the latest digital identity technologies to achieve advanced online services.

Digital Government Transformation Blueprint: HM Land Registry

HM Land Registry offers a blue chip template for planning #DigitalGovernment transformation, from being 'Brilliant at the Basics', through a vision for Blockchain-enabled 'Digital Street' registries.

Cloud RPA as a Foundation for Transformational Digital Government

Robotic Process Automation offers a silver bullet for many Digital Government transformation goals.

Agile Digital Transformation exemplar case study – Registers of Scotland

RoS offers a Scottish exemplar of public sector Digital Transformation, including blueprint for 'Government as a Platform'.

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