Digital Government Transformation best practices

Providing online access to public sector services has evolved from early E-Government efforts to Digital Government today.

The core building block is digitizing offline processes, moving paper-based forms workflow online so citizens can self-serve their own requirements.

This makes them more convenient for users and as insights from the SOCITM Better Connected report series described there are considerable cost efficiency improvements, highlighting a ‘Cost To Serve’ ratio that explains how much each different Citizen CRM channel costs:

  • Face to face : £7.40
  • Telephone: £2.90
  • Web: 32p

This is a hugely powerful win/win. Citizens can be spared the drudgery of visiting offices, repeatedly filling in paper-based forms, and government can be spared all the expense required to process them.

Best Practices

However it’s not an insignificant task to achieve these capabilities and benefits.

GovTech writes about how services have been moved online but still users still phone in their enquiries, and how this presents agencies with complex challenges where they can’t easily determine why and how this impacts the usability of the service.

This is a universal challenge, with fewer than half of newly designed UK council web sites passing a SOCITM usability test and in the USA Federal agencies accounted for five of the 10 worst customer service providers across 21 leading industries.

Our Digital Government Transformation series will share ongoing best practices for how best to address these challenges, referencing exemplar case studies like Registers of Scotland and in particular where their case studies offer repeatable template resources like Aberdeen City Council.

G-Cloud Computing

How the public sector can adopt Government Cloud Computing will be one of these keystone best practices. Combined with Agile practices this offers the modern tool-set required to deliver advanced online capabilities quickly, while also decreasing the legacy IT cost base.

For example this Scottish Parliament document on NHS technology innovation describes:

The adoption of Cloud technology and Agile delivery methodologies through the digital transformation at NES has proven that the fundamentals of the UK & Scottish Government digital strategies, when fully adopted, deliver real and lasting transformation of services.

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