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The public facing web site offers visitor access to our regular blogs, once you register you can then further access many more sections including a member profile, submit and edit blogs to share news and promote your skills and services, and a community for member networking, status updates, forums and groups.

Digital Skills and Procurement

As well as general showcasing of your skills the site is intended to align with key buying markets, in particular the Scottish Government.

One of Digital Scotland’s Action Plan initiatives is to shape the site development around their digital skills procurement framework, the DPS. This is intended to emphasize and enable small teams and individuals, rather than the usual big few ICT suppliers, and the site offers some simple tools to support that goal.

Their buyers guide describes how they are populating the marketplace with ‘lots’ of different supplier services, and when you edit your profile you can easily add a number of profile sections that reflect your relevant capabilities, such as Skills, Services, Projects and Portfolios.

Skills and Partner Groups

Network Groups then provide a way to organize teams around particular skill sets and capabilities.

For example ‘Transform Consultants‘ is intended for experts specializing in Digital Business Transformation.

These are currently set up as simple forum discussion groups, and as the community grows so these will be evolved to much more sophisticated virtual communities of practice, offering:

  • E-learning knowledge share tools and skills accreditation digital badges.
  • Video collaboration workspaces.
  • Virtual team project rooms for proposal authoring.

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