FinTech in Scotland

A rolling summary of the FinTech sector in Scotland.

The Scotsman asks if FinTech could rival North Sea oil in Scotland and what Scotland could do to be a leader in the field and describing how the nation is positioning itself for the trend.

CityAM reported on the RBS / Entrepreneurial Spark FinTech centre opening in 2017.

There is tremendous local support and investment in the sector, such as the dedicated sector team at Scottish Development International.

In this Scotsman article Nick Freer comments that Scotland could be a front runner in the industry, and Encompass Founder Wayne Johnson says he’d start another FinTech company here, that Brexit woes won’t hold back the sector or the country.


Sharein is an example of a buzzing Edinburgh FinTech startup. Their revenues trebled last year alone, with the company reporting year-end revenue in the region of £700,000 to October 2017.


Another huge success story is FreeAgent, a Cloud-based accounting firm acquired by RBS for £53m.

Industry Initiatives

The Royal Bank of Scotland started a FinTech Hub in 2017. They also chair the FinTech Strategic Initiative.

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