The Library is the primary knowledge base for the site.

The Library offers a knowledge base of digital skills and best practices

The Library combines together wiki pages (like this one), with FAQ structures and community forums, so that the sum total is the collective effort of our members.

Best Practices Library

The Library documents global best practices such as the Scottish Government’s adoption of W3C open standards, as well as a Local Best Practices Map that defines the industry landscape such as Integrated Health and Social Care.

Group Document Updates

One sidebar notification is ‘Group Document Updates’. These refer to the wiki documents that each Group is enabled with, a versioned web page that can be freely co-edited by members of that group. Each time a document is updated an alert is posted to this box with the time-stamp details.

Forum Notifications

Library pages embed Forum Discussions – This is the commenting system restricted to site members with a number more richer features in addition to site visitor commenting.

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