Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Best Practices for Digital Scotland

As Microsoft identify in their digital nation research, Scottish businesses are not keeping up with their global counterparts in terms of innovation-enabling investments in technology:

“only 17 – 19% have invested in e-commerce sites and Cloud services”

This has serious consequences for the nation’s economy – Productivity has stalled for fifteen years as they don’t expand as much they could nor invent new revenue generating products and services.

The Cloud is the answer, and our ebook shares best practices detailing:

  • Accelerating Digital Transformation for SMEs – The strategic context and imperative for Scotland’s senior business leaders.
  • Plug and Play SaaS – Simple but practical web services that even the smallest of micro-businesses can utilize to boost their productivity.
  • Serverless Startups – How unicorns like Skyscanner harnessed hyper-scale ‘Cloud Native’ technologies to achieve massive global growth, quickly.
  • Cloud First Procurement – The public sector can accelerate adoption of Cloud and achieve world class Digital Government through a ‘Cloud First’ procurement agenda.
  • G-Suite for Non-profits – Social organizations like Simon Community Scotland are improving their ability to help the homeless through adopting tools like G-Suite for email and collaboration.