Digital Nation Roadmap

Blueprint for a 21st century Scottish Digital Economy

In 2016 the Scotsman published this Microsoft-sponsored article proposing ‘How to turn Scotland into a world-leading digital nation‘.

The purpose of this ebook is to continue and build on that theme, crowdsourcing a wide spectrum of expert views on how this might be achieved. We’ll ask Scotland’s digital leaders what more the country could be doing to truly realize this ambition, covering topic areas such as:

  • Economy – What measures will best position Scotland to prosper in this new age of digital?
  • Infrastructure – How can all of Scotland be empowered with the required digital infrastructure.
  • Digital Education – The transformation of learning through technology and how it can be harnessed to transform Scotland’s education system.

Download: 18 page PDF

Action Group

This ebook is under development. Join in the forum to suggest ideas for topics to cover and articles you might like to submit for inclusion.