Digital Health

Download: 11 page PDF.

In 2016 the Scottish Government legislated to bring together health and social care in to a single, integrated system, with Integration Authorities now responsible for £8.5 billion of funding for local services, which was previously managed separately by NHS Boards and Local Authorities.

The team runs their own web site, blog and Twitter account.

Scotland as a Digital Health Nation

Their web site introduces how the Digital Health strategy is a component part of the government’s overall digital nation ambition, with the overall strategy documented into this white paper.

A collaboration of the organizations involve describe how this is intended to realize a new vision for social services in Scotland, with additional reviews from Audit Scotland providing this detailed briefing and this one from SPICe. ‘Digital Stories‘ are videos offered to explain these new programs.

As they describe for the 2017 – 2022 Strategy:

Person-centred health and social care is at the heart of our strategic agenda in Scotland. We are developing a new, integrated Digital Health and Social Care Strategy that will build on achievements to date and set out future development and priorities.

and that they intend to achieve this program through the Health and Social Delivery Plan. Critical resources and technology enablers to support this transformation include an Information Sharing Framework, Business Cases, a Standards Library, a Benefits Management Toolkit, and template resources including processes for Commissioning.