Blockchain Blueprint

Download: 16 page PDF
A complete design for how Blockchain technology will provide a keystone foundation for Scotland achieving it’s goal of becoming a world leading Digital Nation.

It will also act as a catalyst for massive economic development, documenting market opportunities and a resource for new startups in this field.

  • Digital Nation Policies – New legislation recommendations that can establish Scotland as a world leader in the field.
  • Architecture Blueprint – A technical design encompassing aspects including Blockchain as a Service, Digital Identity.
  • Use Cases – Specific public sector scenarios where Blockchain can be applied to transform those services.
  • Blockchain Democracy – Governance models for new paradigms of Digital Democracy.
  • Digital Banking Innovations – How the technology is disrupting the traditional banking industry.

A Vision for a Digital Scotland

Thought leader contributors share their vision for the potential of the technology to shape a new Digital Scotland, such as legendary digital economy author Don Tapscott, and Scotland’s own blockchain visionary Professor Bill Buchanan of Napier University.