Digital Roadmap

Blueprint for Digital Transformation

A template for planning Digital Transformation, based on collating a number of case studies and best practices from around Scotland and globally.

Scottish cities and councils publish numerous documents about their ongoing digital adoption and transformation initiatives. We review these on an ongoing basis, selecting the key parts from each and assembling them into one overall master 'Digital Roadmap'.

  • Business Architecture templates and other transformation resources.
  • Local case studies: A resource list defined by referencing local peer case studies, like Aberdeen City Council.
  • Global innovations: References and contributions from digital leaders across the world.

Roadmap Blueprint

A central technical and business model design for 'Government as a Platform', including designs for Identity as a Service.

Business Architecture planning for digital transformation

A reusable template document for digital transformation planning, based on real-world case study examples that offer ideal template structures, such as Aberdeen City Council.

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