Small Business Cloud

Practical explainer for how small businesses can best utilize Cloud services

Microsoft research identified that Scottish businesses are not keeping up with their global counterparts in terms of innovation-enabling investments in technology: “only 17 – 19% have invested in e-commerce sites and Cloud services”.

For Scotland to fully realize the ambition of a world leading digital nation it is essential that our businesses are at the forefront of harnessing the latest technologies to grow their online success, with the Cloud being the central foundation to this goal.

This ebook is intended as an explainer guide to help begin that education journey, covering:

  • Cloud basics – Understanding what confusing terminology like IaaS, PaaS and SaaS actually means, and how it helps to inform selecting the right tool for your needs.
  • Vendor analysis – A showcase of what each vendor like Microsoft and Google offer, how they compare and which may be best for your business.

Action Group

This ebook is under development. Join in the forum to suggest ideas for topics to cover and articles you might like to submit for inclusion.

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