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Social Business – Fusing Capitalism and Socialism to Change the World

The biggest challenge and opportunity we face today in the 21st century is hanging on to the 19th century mental models we're programmed with;...

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Care Sourcer raises £8.5m funding

As the Scotsman reports Edinburgh startup Care Sourcer has raised £8.5m series A round funding from Legal & General Retirement Retail and ADV, following...

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How will the SNP deliver a more “social Scotland”?

Our '' campaign also includes a focus on the government's enterprise systems aspect as well as the Third Sector, notably a review of this...

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Digital Scotland – Platform Ecosystem Modeling App

Massive new startups like Uber taxis, Airbnb and many more are pioneering the ‘On Demand Economy’, implementing a Cloud-based On Demand Business Framework which...

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Could Scotland be a pioneer of Blockchain Democracy?

Blockchain-enabled Liquid Democracy A key technology that could underpin digital voting is the Blockchain, what has been called ‘Block the Vote‘. The Market Mogul provides an...

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