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Digital Government Transformation: Old e-government wine in new bottles

The public sector is buzzing with the latest trend of Digital Transformation, but mostly it's 'old wine in new bottles', what is still only...

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Digital Business Architecture – Enterprise Architecture and Digital Transformation

Digital Business Architecture Digital Business Architecture refers to the use of Business Architecture for purposes of planning Digital Transformation, and the expertise offers the fundamental...

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Digital Maturity Model – A Framework for Planning Digital Transformation

The central challenge for large organizations and their ambitions for Digital Transformation is that their IT organization is mainly operationally focused. From providing help desk...

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Services for Digital Disruptors – Taming the Digital Dragon

Our services for 'Digital Disruptors' are equally applicable to large enterprise organizations as well as dynamic new startups. Indeed you could argue it's far more...

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ITIL and Cloud Native DevOps – Integrating Development and IT Operations

IT Service Management Although the ideal of DevOps is literally the integration of Development and Operations, it's still a significant challenge for IT organizations to...

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