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Digital Scotland ² – A digital nation, built on high speed broadband AND the Cloud

100% broadband - Then what? The Scottish Government has a laudable goal of achieving 100% rollout of broadband across Scotland, the Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband...

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From Reaction to Prevention – Harnessing Data Science for Public Sector Service Transformation

Data Science Clouds With a growing investment into local skills through large-scale funding and courses for students, 'Data Science' is a powerful capability for the...

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Could Scotland Pioneer the Future of Democracy on the Blockchain?

Digital Voting The Scottish Government Digital Economy action plan describes a goal of: "Trial electronic voting solutions to increase democratic participation." The potential for this trend goes...

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Scotland: A Blockchain-powered Innovation Nation

Adopting the Blockchain will achieve Scotland’s vision of a fully Digital Nation and usher in an unprecedented era of economic growth. In this video Alex...

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