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Social Business – Fusing Capitalism and Socialism to Change the World

The biggest challenge and opportunity we face today in the 21st century is hanging on to the 19th century mental models we're programmed with;...

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DigitalScot.Social – Building a New, Digital Social Safety Net

The core ideal of our Social Security system is that of a safety net. Life can deal blows to the smartest, most 'socially sensible' people...

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Could Scotland Pioneer #BlockchainDemocracy?

Digital Voting The Scottish Government Digital Economy action plan describes a goal of: Trial electronic voting solutions to increase democratic participation. The potential for this trend goes...

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Digital Disruptors: “Born on the Cloud”

Disrupt or be disrupted. That is the simple choice facing every CEO today, whether they will have their own "Kodak Moment" and be decimated...

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Mastercard: Agile Business Architecture – Bringing Agile to the Whole Organization

DevOps only accelerates one part of a business, software engineering. It doesn't speed up how quickly sales teams can turn around proposals to new clients...

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