Strategy and Consulting

Digital Scotland offers a ‘Digital Business Plan’ service

A digital strategy and implementation plan tailored for your organization.

Following a short analysis interview we rapidly tailor a Digital Business Plan which documents and personalizes:

  1. A Digital Business Model
  2. A Customer Cloud Roadmap

Digital Business Model

We don’t just provide technology, this is a holistic engagement that brings together a spectrum of expertise, defining the strategic framework for your Digital Transformation:

  • Assessing your organizations Digital Maturity.
  • Exploring the ‘Blue Ocean’ of opportunity – What new scenarios does digital make possible?
  • Identify new customer segments, product ideas and revenue streams.
  • Marketplace analysis and development of Competitive Advantage strategies.

Become a Digital Disruptor

We proactively analyze and document disruptive business models across a number of sectors, such as FinTech Open Banking, Media and Government, and from this distill repeatable business model patterns that your organization can harness.

Read more in our guide Digital Disruptors.

Customer Cloud Roadmap

Overall the primary engagement proposed is development and ongoing optimization of a ‘Customer Cloud Roadmap’.

This is a consulting service that interprets the Digital Business Model and from this recommends the best configuration of Cloud-based applications to implement that configuration.