For Local Government

Digital Economy Accelerator

Our services for local authorities is headlined by our ‘Local Digital Economy Accelerator’ (LDEA) initiative – A holistic engagement that leverages technology to boost their local economy.

Many Scottish towns face challenges of economic deprivation and under-investment, resulting in lower rates of new business growth and job creation. Combined with ever tightening funding for local authorities this is causing a downward spiral for the fortunes of many small towns and rural communities.

Digital Scotland offers a holistic engagement that leverages technology to stimulate the local economy, through programs intended to boost entrepreneurism, create jobs, rejuvenate community assets and tackle social exclusion and poverty.

Statement of Work

Through a very proactive, hands on engagement intended to bring a super-sized dose of entrepreneurial energy, we set out to to enable a bottom up process of genesis for local communities, identifying a number of high impact areas where technology can be applied for purposes of economic rejuvenation:

  • A Digital Transformation vision – As Dundee City demonstrates the most important, first part of a Digital Transformation strategy is a compelling vision for what overall economic benefits the new technologies will bring to the local community. The first step in our LDEA engagement works with local authorities to repeat this approach and craft their own digital vision statement.
  • Digital Transformation Roadmap – Within this overall vision umbrella a full transformation roadmap can be developed, referencing other best practice examples such as Aberdeen City Council.
  • A Digital Tourism best practices strategy – In our example for the town of Lanark, we suggest how towns can deliver an immediate economic impact through more modern use of social media to promote their cultural and heritage assets, to boost tourism visitor numbers. Digital Scotland will plan and document an equivalent tourism strategy for the region, that identifies their local heritage assets and leverages them the same way.
  • Smart Village platforms How these Digital Tourism strategies can then drive localized Smart City innovations for rural communities.