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Bridging the gap in Scotland’s Rural, Tourism and Digital Economies

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From Skull to Collarbone – An Augmented Reality tourism strategy for the town of Lanark

How Scotland's smaller towns can also harness the latest technologies to create unique visitor experiences.

Harnessing the Outlander Effect – SEO Marketing Strategies for Scottish E-Commerce Businesses

Online sales is the key channel for Scottish companies looking to expand their business internationally. A massive global market is readily available, and content marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are the key practices for reaching them. There are a wealth of resources that businesses can utilize to promote themselves online. For example for the tourism sector Digital Tourism Scotland provides a detailed library of guides like how to better use SEO and Google Analytics to apply digital marketing best practices for that industry. Leveraging Scotland’s content assets Tourism is a great sector for exemplifying the critical success factors for content marketing – Quite simply it needs to be stimulating and engaging, and the key is to remember that the first part of the...