Smart Village

Smart Villages applies large-scale Smart City technologies and innovations to small towns and rural communities. Read more here.

Bridging the gap in Scotland’s Rural, Tourism and Digital Economies

"Smart Village Scotland is fuelled by passion, enthusiasm and a vision to help Scotland achieve all it aspires to be as a successful Digital Nation."

Is DIY broadband the key to Scotland’s rural digital economy?

How best can rural Scotland achieve a complete roll out of high speed Internet? Join the debate.

Driving a Rural Development Strategy to boost Tourism in a Digital Scotland

Our Cities and key established Tourist destinations such as our Major Cities, Isle of Skye, Castles, Museums, Art Galleries, Kelpies, Golf Courses and Major Festivals are well marketed and are already recognised major attractions Globally. It’s time for a new unique approach. A Digital Tourism orientated Organization working at a Rural Level inspiring Rural Development to drive Tourism in Scotland. How many Scottish Villages and small towns are little Gems? Needing some Aspiration and Ambition to realise the positive contribution they could make to Tourism, which is so vital to Scotland’s economy. So many of our rural Villages hold History, Heritage, Cultural, Fauna, Flora and other natural attractions that the vast majority of Tourists never actually see. I have watched on the side ...

Tourism driving “Smart Villages”

“Tourism driving Smart Villages” Scotland’s majestic landscape and our many cultural and historical sites have become increasingly popular with visitors from all over the world. This is fantastic news with a positive contribution to the local rural economy. However, it can put increasing pressure on rural communities. Tourism is vital to many small village communities who wish to capture some of this welcome potential economic boost and although many hold the magical ingredients of History, Heritage, Landscape and Culture, their kerb appeal may not be in tandem, resulting in thousands of potential Tourists deciding to drive on by, not taking a hour or two or a day or two to make that all important contribution. As a consequence, many Rural Communities need to adopt a Bott...