Building a World Leading Digital Nation

Digital Scotland is a mission-driven business network, our goal is to support the Scottish Government’s ambition of building a world leading digital nation.

Action Community provides a Virtual Business Network platform to enable a national collaboration towards this goal.

Our goal is to build an entrepreneur-driven initiative that will help achieve this goal through acting as a “Community Action Plan“, aligned to the Government’s overall goal of:

“Collaborate with digital industry experts in developing Government economic policy.

The site enables sharing of digital best practices via expert blogs, a community for social networking and an events portal for listing and attending a variety of industry meet ups and workshops.

Action Programs

Additionally we are pioneering a number of accelerator programs to grow capacity in key areas:

Virtual Centres of Excellence

One of the Government’s objectives states a goal of:

Catalyze communities of talent to grow and develop in our cities and other key locations, so that entrepreneurs, innovators and technical experts can exchange ideas and develop new solutions together.”

Digital Scotland will develop a number of dedicated expert e-learning communities that enable peer to peer sharing of best practices and subject matter knowledge. The first of these –, is aligned to the policy goal of build a World Class Digital Government.

Smart Villages

Our Smart Village program is intended to bring Smart City technologies and practices to Scotland’s rural communities.

It offers a complete digital enablement program, developed around the best practices identified by Scotland’s Rural College that would unlock £2.5 BILLION in new economic growth as a consequence of adopting rural digital innovations.

Read more here.

Digital Ventures Network

Projects will be fast-tracked through a new venture lifecycle and launched as a standalone high-growth startup, with Digital Scotland providing central support functions including:

  • Business plan concept and writing.
  • Technology platform design and implementation.
  • Crowdfunding and banking services.