The mission of Digital Scotland is to support and help accelerate the Scottish Government’s ambition for the country to become a world leading digital nation.

Collaboration Network is a ‘social expert network’, like Linkedin but with these features tailored towards this unique mission and local community, to provide an enabling platform for national collaboration.

Policy Action

This is a significant challenge – As Audit Scotland reports the country is struggling in their efforts to adopt the digital transformation practices required to realize this overall goal.

So the purpose of Digital Scotland is to provide a forum for stimulating and enabling debate and action across the whole industry including entrepreneurs and businesses.

Policy action areas are identified through analysis of research action plans for building Scotland’s digital economy, including from vendors such as Microsoft’s Digital Scotland report, with their key recommendations absorbed into our agenda.

Digital Venture Accelerator

A key activity and goal is to harness this collaborative community to encourage and support the development and launch of new startup ventures. Our Venture Ideas section enables members to post and discuss potential projects, which can then be further escalated into their own dedicated startup venture.

Digital Scotland operates a sophisticated Cloud platform that can rapidly provision new web capabilities to enable those ideas.