Digital Nation Action Plan

Building a World-Leading
Scottish Digital Nation

The purpose of Digital Scotland is to support and help accelerate the Scottish Government’s ambition for the country to become a world leading digital nation.

Showcase profiles of Scotland’s leading digital innovators.

A headline feature of our Digital Nation Action Plan is to showcase Scottish organizations and individuals pioneering the ideas and best practices that form the foundations of a future Digital Scotland.

.Live Events offers thought provoking digital debates and inspiring speakers through participative online events.

Within an overarching context of building a world-leading digital nation, our webinars are intended to cover a broad, stimulating spectrum of social, political, business and technology topics.

Accelerating Scotland's

Digital Ecosystem

Commissioned by Kate Forbes, Mark Logan former COO for Skyscanner, has published a report identifying how Scotland might accelerate growth of its tech ecosystem.

The purpose of Digital Scotland is to harness the latest technology innovations to enable and accelerate this ecosystem.

Innovation and Best Practices

Knowledge base for Digital Innovation and Transformation.

Through a regular schedule of expert blogs provides a knowledge base of best practices supporting Scottish companies to develop and implement digital transformation strategies.

Our ebooks also support our Digital Nation Action Plan, acting as ‘Industry Innovation Roadmaps’, planning documents produced to catalyze and support the growth of new innovations at an industry level.

Industry Accelerators

Industry Innovation Roadmaps provide the IP that underpins commercial accelerator projects to grow innovations in key sectors.

Through deployment of technologies including Cloud computing and the Blockchain, Digital Scotland will build out the core infrastructure needed for the 21st century digital economy.

Initial accelerators include Gaming and Digital Government, and ‘Digital Villages‘ to provide IT to Scotland’s rural communities.

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