Action Plan

The purpose of Digital Scotland is a community developed and implemented action plan, for realizing the ambition to build a world leading Scottish digital nation.

The site is equipped with a variety of collaboration tools so that this can be achieved through a collective national effort, where all are welcome to participate and contribute.

  • Digital Entrepreneurship and Ventures – Support and accelerate the growth of more Scottish tech startups, and directly cultivate and launch new ventures.
  • Platform Infrastructure – Deployment of Blockchain and other key technologies to fully digitize all aspects of Scottish society, from employment and education records through business transactions.
  • SME Enablement and Global Growth – Leverage this platform to help more small businesses adopt advanced technology capabilities into their business models, enabling them to grow internationally.
  • Digital Education – Develop a world class Computer Science agenda.

Any one with a passion for building a world leading Scottish digital nation is welcome to participate. You can 1) contribute generally to the initiative, joining the community and providing content like blogs and e-learning materials, and/or 2) directly assist the progress of existing Action Projects, or propose new ones where you see the requirement to do so. Each project has an associated collaboration group that you can join to begin your contribution.