Best Practices Library

The purpose of is a best practices knowledge base for the Scottish market, for sharing learning about technology adoption and Digital Transformation.

Experts‘ can easily co-edit the library, adding new materials and linking in resources like Github repositories.

The primary objective is a library of best practice help guides – We welcome content on any topic under the general ‘Digital’ umbrella, so articles and courses on ‘Cybersecurity for SMEs’ or ‘Facebook Marketing’ for example, would be relevant.

Ideally these act as help guides and ‘recipes’, best practices often in the form of a case study, that acts as a template for others to follow to repeat that same solution for their own needs, as well as general academic learning of the topic.

Open Sourced E-Learning

You can publish commercial courses that charge for access, or in support of our Digital Nation agenda we encourage open sourcing materials, freely provided and freely available for reading and using.

This goal is supported by specific tools, notably an overall E-Learning system as the best practice knowledge base, and also editor functions to help link other related resources most notably a Github repository. Repos can be linked to and highlighted as part of the supporting Learning Materials for a course:

This means both the content of your course and the materials and resources required to implement it, are accessible under a free-to-reproduce licence, and via tools that directly manage an open source feedback improvement loop.