Expert Curriculum

Digital Scotland offers a library of courses of articles and video reviews, intended to support self-driven online learning and cover a curriculum of:

Building Digital businesses, building a Digital Nation

Digital Scotland is organized around a headline theme of supporting the Scottish Government in realizing an ambition of Scotland becoming a world digital leader, a goal that will be achieved through Scottish businesses themselves becoming digital leaders.

Our learning library includes reference and showcase local exemplar case studies and academic expertise for leadership to learn from, such as Skyscanner and Mallzee, as keynote examples of Scottish tech pioneers harnessing Cloud computing to power their growth.

Blueprint for a Digital Ecosystem

The overall theme of building a Scottish digital ecosystem is one of the first courses, intended to self-describe an evolving framework of standards, innovations and prototypes that will ultimately form such an ecosystem, covering topics such as:

  • Blockchain and Self-Sovereign identity.
  • Platform Ecosystems.
  • Government as a Platform.

Digital Business strategies

The course schedule is also intended to provide a whole set of general digital skills and support materials for entrepreneurs, business and IT leaders in all other industries, covering competitive research programs and business model insights from across a number of sectors, including Tourism, Healthcare and Government.

This includes a general review of the skills and roles key to digital success, notably the CIO/CTO aka the ‘Chief Digital Officer’ function, and explores in detail the foundation technology domains, through learning courses intended to be practical and localized to the Scottish market.

Mastering Cloud Computing – A primer on Cloud computing, and how both small and large organizations can source new tools and capabilities that greatly improves key aspects of their business success.

Agile Digital – The fusion of agile software development practices with digital transformation initiatives.

Implementation Guides

A key ambition for our materials is that they offer very hands on, helpful support guides.

For example ‘Grow Global‘ is to help entrepreneurs plan an executable international expansion plan, and could be combined with Digital Tourism marketing best practices by SMEs in the travel industry.

Where possible this is supported through Github Learning Courses, so that ‘Download and Repeat’ learning options are available.