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Digital Nation Action Plan

Webinars and E-Learning

A multi-track schedule of streamed keynote presentations, tutorial classrooms and collaborative break out rooms.

Expert Agenda

A world-class curriculum covering the full spectrum of expert topics required to lead a digital nation transformation.

Business Networking

Member profiles, virtual business card exchange and gamified participation. Live polls, session Q&A, surveys, session feedback, discussion board, and more. is a community with a mission

Building a World-Leading Scottish Digital Nation

The purpose of Digital Scotland is to support and help accelerate the Scottish Government’s ambition for the country to become a world leading digital nation.

Digital Nation Blueprint

Our Digital Nation Blueprint is an ever-evolving strategy for achieving this goal. Download the latest version.

Digital Leadership

Featured Digital Scots

Scotland’s digital entrepeneurs are the generals leading this inspiring campaign.

The sum total of their digital transformation programs represents the national collective effort to achieve this vision, and unlock the full potential of the country.

Our ‘Featured Digital Scots’ initiative will showcase exemplar case studies of Scottish digital disruptors, and explore how this expertise might be shared and replicated across the nation.

Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year - Leah Hutcheon, Appointedd - youtube

View the latest edition of Featured Digital Scots

Take Action

Innovation Accelerators

Innovation Accelerator programs identify the key technology fields essential to achieving global leadership, and organize industry collaborations to action and advance those developments.

Accelerators produce Industry Innovation Roadmaps, a shared asset that enables the co-creation of new products and services with global sales potential.

Transformational Digital Leadership

Growing a Nation of Digital Dragons

A world-leading digital nation is formed through the collective action of world-leading digital entrepreneurs. Our digital learning program will share cutting edge insights and best practices that inform and educate Scotland’s executives, empowering them to lead digital transformation initiatives.


Gartner characterizes a heightened digital capability in terms of competitive threat and advantage:

“All industries in all geographies are being radically reshaped by digital disruption — a “digital dragon” that is potentially very powerful if tamed but a destructive force if not. It’s a CIO’s dream come true, and also a career-changing leadership challenge.”

Our platform provides a peer learning knowledge exchange for attendees to share and learn insights critical to achieving this competitive edge.

Our Library provides a catalogue of ebook guides and e-learning courseware, and we run regular webinars and virtual classrooms, to support members seeking to better harness technology to grow their organizations.

Learning Tracks

Digital Transformation

Building a vision, culture and capability for digitally transforming enterprise organizations, and the change management practices for realizing successful outcomes. How CIOs inspire and lead their organizations to drive strategic value for the business.

Digital Business Models and Industry Strategies

Key industry trends and opportunities such as Open Banking, and how Scotland is embracing and pioneering them. What cutting edge technologies create competitive advantage and how are they being adopted.

Agile Service Design

Moving from waterfall approaches for service design to an agile methodology of user-centric, fast feedback and DevOps deployment practices. Harnessing the latest 'Cloud Native' software practices for rapid digital service development.

Communications and Collaboration

How agile working practices are supported and enabled through virtual collaboration technologies and flexible employment models, and the key role of open source sharing in building high performance knowledge networks.

Cloud and Cybersecurity

Case studies documenting how Scottish enterprises are unleashing digital innovation through migrating to the Cloud, and the Cybersecurity practices they employ to protect sensitive data.

Emerging Tech

Defining the role and use cases for emergent disruptive technologies such as the Blockchain, Augmented and Virtual Reality, AI & Machine Learning, explained through exemplar case studies.

Digital Nation Blogs

Transforming Scottish Education through an Integrated Blockchain Ecosystem

Transforming Scottish Education through an Integrated Blockchain Ecosystem

Defining a Blockchain-based certifications system for academic credentials and ‘Digital Badges’ in Scotland.

Social Learning Communities – Building a Peer to Peer Digital Learning Nation

Social Learning Communities – Building a Peer to Peer Digital Learning Nation

Our portal will pioneer a ‘Social Learning’ approach to Digital Education, a peer to peer community where members can both learn and teach.

Scotland’s EdTech Market – Scottish startups pioneering Digital Education innovations

Scotland’s EdTech Market – Scottish startups pioneering Digital Education innovations

In the UK alone the ‘EdTech’ sector is forecast to be a £3.4 bn market. With a portfolio of exciting startups Scotland’s economic growth opportunity is to harness them to digitally transform it’s own education system.


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