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Bottom Right Background is an initiative to define and implement technology innovations that have social impact.

The goal of this project is to identify and accelerate the role technology can play in tackling Scotland’s deep social needs, such as poverty and homelessness, within an overall context of building a better social healthcare safety net for the country.

Social Tech

Social Tech‘ is a category of technology innovation like GovTech or CivTech, and refers to technology trends specifically intended to tackle social needs.

From homeless chatbots, through crowdfunding and online tracking, there are a myriad of pioneers around the world trying out new ideas to tackle social needs like homelessness.

It’s an especially acute problem for the homeless, where lacking an address causes these types of issues, and highlighting the point about cultivating local Scottish innovations, local software firm Amiqus is pioneering the innovative use of digital identity to combat this challenge.

How can we bring these together under one umbrella in Scotland and magnify their collective impact?
Monzo offers a simple example of this type of tech-powered social innovation.


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+32 64 23 76 50
121 4th Avenue, 2020 New York, N.Y.

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