Digital Nation Action Plan

A community action plan to develop a world leading 21st century Scottish digital nation.

Policy Action Community

The primary goal of Digital Scotland is to act as a collaborative community for enabling collective action towards the goal of realizing a world leading Scottish digital nation.

Our campaigns have generated coverage across mainstream Scottish media including The National and Holyrood Magazine.

The primary activity is Policy Action – To identify various digital economy policy recommendations and take action to implement them, through our Digital Nation Action Projects:

Build the Scottish Digital Ecosystem

A future, entirely digital Scotland’s will be built atop a platform of technologies such as the Blockchain and Self Sovereign Identity. The objective of this initiative is to define and implement a blueprint for this platform.

This will be based on analysis of how Estonia has built the world’s leading digital nation, via a common ‘X-Road’ integration platform, and address use cases such as education, building a Digital Badges Learning platform based on Blockcerts.

Roll out Digital Village infrastructure

Scotland’s large towns and cities benefit from the resources and expertise to deploy Smart City programs, but so much of the nation is made up of small, rural communities, who lack the resources and skills to adopt this type of technology.

Our Digital Village initiative leverages the Cloud to bring this capability to even the smallest of towns and villages.

Pioneer a Digital Learning Nation

The Digital Scotland Academy is our plan to roll out an e-learning community platform, to pioneer new models for education.

Harnessing modern digital learning platforms can address Scotland’s challenge, and overall presents the country with the opportunity to modernize not only what we learn, but how we learn, and transform our entire approach to education.

Join the movement

We welcome volunteer contributors – You can participate in and help advance existing projects or propose ideas for new ones that we will support. Join here and post your ideas, or contact us directly to discuss.

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