Skills and Education

Digital skills are naturally central to Scotland’s ambition to build a world leading digital nation.

From online classes through ‘Metaverse’ virtual world environments, the tools for digital education are revolutionizing at a dramatic pace.

Scotland’s opportunity is to grasp the nettle and become a pioneering adopter of these technologies to transform schooling, setting in place the keystone foundation to become a world leading digital nation.

Action project

  • Technology Platform – Document a suite of next generation tools and technologies, including e-learning applications and Blockchain-based digital certifications.
  • Policy Innovation – Of course technology alone will not transform a policy system, especially one set in its ways for decades if not hundreds of years. Radical, disruptive ideas for how education is delivered and assessed must be the lead catalyst for change to shape how they are adopted.
  • EdTech Accelerator – The project will act as a startup support accelerator for the EdTech sector.
  • Venture Projects – Launch new sites and initiatives that combine these new technologies with the policy innovations.
Collaboration Document
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