Building a World Leading Digital Scotland

Digital Scotland is a mission-driven business network, our purpose is to support the Scottish Government’s ambition of building a world leading digital nation.

Policy Action Community

Our goal is to build an entrepreneur-driven initiative that will help achieve this vision through acting as a “Community Action Plan“, to enable and accelerate this particular aspect of their strategy:

“Collaborate with digital industry experts in developing Government economic policy.

Digital Scotland brings together technology experts from around Scotland and the world and provides a collaborative forum to engage their inputs towards this policy collaboration, across multiple work streams including:

  • Review and aggregate policy research from multiple sources including Scotland’s Auditor General, sector-specific programs and from tech vendors, such as the Microsoft Digital Nation report.
  • Bottom up, catalyst technology-driven policy development, notably a Digital Nation Blueprint, featuring key technologies such as Blockchain and Self-Sovereign Identity.

Overall the primary objective is policy action – the deployment of technology solutions to implement the recommendations drawn from these policy reports.

Virtual Centres of Excellence provides a Virtual Business Network platform to enable a national collaboration towards this stated goal:

Catalyze communities of talent to grow and develop in our cities and other key locations, so that entrepreneurs, innovators and technical experts can exchange ideas and develop new solutions together.”

Digital Scotland has developed a Cloud-based system for rapidly building virtual collaboration networks, and will utilize these to create a number of communities that enable peer to peer sharing of best practices and subject matter knowledge.

Digital Venture Accelerator

Another headline goal for Digital Scotland is to grow the number of new digital venture startups.

Projects will be developed through a lifecycle of idea to community of practice to ultimately launching them as standalone digital ventures.