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ActiveCampaign is one of the Cloud Applications we utilize to implement a ‘Digital 360’ marketing capability.

By 360 we mean an all around, end-to-end integrated functionality, a set of inter-connected and synchronized tools that enables an overall digital marketing platform capability that can handle campaigns from soup to nuts.

In its simplest form this means a social publishing CMS (Content Management System), for creating the proposition, featuring editorial workflow and content collaboration and including key features of microsites and landing pages.


A variety of apps can then be plugged in to add further functionality, such as an email marketing system like ActiveCampaign. This offers a variety of features that ‘closes the loop’, enabling prospects to respond to the campaigns, responding with follow ups and feeding them into a sales and marketing pipeline.

One feature key to this are workflows that execute to fulfill these steps, which ActiveCampaign achieves through ‘Automations‘.

This means you can program event-driven scripts to run when key trigger actions occur, such as:

  • Payment or unsubscribe – When a user takes a major step like paying you or requesting to leave your marketing list, you may want to respond quickly with a welcome pack or a sorry to see you go message.
  • Campaign tracking – You send a promo excerpt that invites them to follow a link to learn more. Each link click is logged and you can review reports showing these response rate levels.

From this you can build ‘fire and forget’ procedures that activate and execute automatically each and every time you engage with your contacts without any further effort from you.

This enables end-to-end campaigns, such as when a first time user visits a landing page, they can provide their email to request a free download, achieved via a widget in the landing page tool that links to your ActiveCampaign account. You can also schedule automated follow ups that check in with them a few days later.

The better designed these automations the more the technology can do the heavy lifting work for you, in terms of the ongoing nurturing digital marketing requires.

Sales Pipeline Management

Completing the loop these automations can form end-to-end processes that enable contacts to become leads within a sales pipeline.

For example an ebook download is followed a week later with a suggestion of a 1:1 phone interview with a sales agent – If the prospect clicks agree it initiates a workflow to escalate this to an agent for them to make contact and schedule the interview, and also it kicks the account up into the Sales Pipeline.

It could enter at a first stage of ‘Initial Prospect’, and then as the sales agent progresses with them, advance through more mature and qualified phases.
ActiveCampaign offers various features for the sales team to work with this way via a Deals CRM function.

This email-centric approach to managing sales pipelines is a simple but very powerful model, for a number of reasons:

  • Many organizations are poor at regular ‘nurturing’ – Marketing tends to focus on the first step of content campaigns, and Sales only on working with qualified prospects. The big gap between the two, of regular ‘nudges’ to keep your business in the mind of prospects tends to be overlooked by both. Automating these interactions addresses that gap.
  • Salespeople spend much of their time in email. ActiveCampaign includes a G-Suite integration, so that all of their prospect communications can update pipelines accordingly, without any admin hassles for the sales team.

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