Learn How Scotland is Pioneering AI for Social Good

'AI for Social Good' can enhance mental wellbeing, health and care services. Join Kyle Usher of Nesta to learn more.

An upcoming presentation is ‘Powering Good: Leveraging AI for Social Good‘, from Kyle Usher of Nesta.

Clearly the potential for the application of this technology this way is immense.

Google describe over 2,600 potential use case scenarios, with organizations like AI for Social Good Foundation and the Turing Institute offering deep programs to support scaled implementation.

In Scotland the industry is championed by Kate Forbes, who chairs Scotland’s AI Strategy, with major policy research and investment led by Nesta, awarding £105,000 of grant funding to seven projects based in Scotland using innovative AI tools to help tackle social challenges.

This report summarizes the work to date, which includes:

  • Heriot-Watt University is exploring AI to end gender bias in smart assistants.
  • Space Intelligence is using AI to interpret satellite data to map wildlife habitat and help restore, connect and protect Scotland’s natural environment.
  • City of Glasgow College is using AI to develop accent recognition and enable adult learners to improve their literacy.
  • Housing and care provider Blackwood looks after care users remotely using AI energy monitoring.
  • The University of Edinburgh are leveraging AI-enabled smart prosthetics to provide haptic feedback to amputees.
  • Red Star AI Ltd use AI to improve the human side of diabetes diagnostics and treatment.
  • Using an AI enabled chat-bot, Voxsio help young people talk about and understand their mental health.

Attend Kyle’s webinar to learn more about this tremendously exciting field.

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