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The goal of the Library is a wide selection of accessible best practice guides that cover all the essential topics of digital adoption best practices, and in a form that showcases the expertise Scotland has available locally who can provide support services to help with their implementation.

Use the Submit function to send through your articles for inclusion.

Promoting Scotland’s digital experts

The overall goal of Digital Scotland is to showcase the many world leading digital experts the nation is blessed with, and to share that expertise via easily accessible and widely promoted blogs.

It’s a great, free way to raise your individual and business profile. Well written blogs that explain a particular business or technology topic in a concise way prove very popular online and are widely shared across the networks of the reading audience. The site is packed with powerful features like ‘social sharing’ buttons to encourage this viral marketing. Digital Scotland will also promote your article via our extensive social networks and can further build in accelerators like embedded retweet quotes as part of building a promotional campaign for your content:

Become a Digital Scotland ebook author. We will promote your article via our extensive social networks and can further build in accelerators like embedded retweet quotes, like this! Click to Tweet

Best Practice Ebooks

Select articles will also be included in one or more of our Library ebooks. For example this one is included in the Digital Marketing guide.

This offers a promotional double whammy – The article will be marketed individually and also as part of these ebooks.

As the site author base grows so these ebooks will increasingly become collections of a diverse range of experts and valuable insights, with your own being one valuable component part. Each ebook will then enjoy increasingly large volumes of download traffic and so your article will enjoy that larger audience with it too.

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