Transforming Scottish Education through a Digital Badge Learning Ecosystem

Defining a Blockchain-based certifications system for academic credentials and 'Digital Badges' in S...

Digital Marketing Business Models with WordPress

Wordpress can power a variety of exciting corporate marketing and digital media startup venture mode...

Building a Scottish digital ecosystem on the Blockchain

A Blockchain and Digital Identity platform will provide a keystone foundation for Scotland's digital...

Scotland as a Platform

The ultimate ambition of Digital Scotland is to implement a national 'digital ecosystem'.

A Digital Village Improvement District strategy for revitalizing local economic growth in Scotland

A 'Digital Village Improvement District' strategy offers a new paradigm for revitalizing local econo...

Growing rural tourism and e-commerce with Digital Village ‘Virtual Farmer Markets’

Digital Villages enable rural communities to offer a single online tourism and 'virtual farmers mark...

Is 5G the answer to rural Scotland’s broadband needs?

Building Digital Scotland with 5G and Superfast Broadband.

Tapping into the Gig Economy to Address Scotland’s Rural Population Crisis

Digital Villages provide a platform for 'On Demand Economy' co-working models across Scotland's rura...

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