Cloud Native Pioneers in Scotland

Scottish tech pioneers Skyscanner and Renovite are harnessing 'Cloud Native' practices to pioneer di...Read More

Werner Vogels : The Enterprise Journey to Cloud Native

Amazons CTO explains the monumental shift in enterprise software architecture, and how to build it o...Read More

Gallus Events announces Homeless Hackathons

A global series of city based Hackathons, designed to support homeless organisations and the communi...Read More

G-Suite for Collaborative and Inclusive Digital Government

Public sector agencies in Scotland and across the world are adopting Google Cloud services to enhanc...Read More

Transforming Scottish Education through a Digital Badge Learning Ecosystem

Defining a Blockchain-based certifications system for academic credentials and 'Digital Badges' in S...Read More

Digital Marketing Business Models with WordPress

Wordpress can power a variety of exciting corporate marketing and digital media startup venture mode...Read More

Building a Scottish digital ecosystem on the Blockchain

A Blockchain and Digital Identity platform will provide a keystone foundation for Scotland's digital...Read More

Scotland as a Platform

The ultimate ambition of Digital Scotland is to implement a national 'digital ecosystem'.

A Digital Village Improvement District strategy for revitalizing local economic growth in Scotland

A 'Digital Village Improvement District' strategy offers a new paradigm for revitalizing local econo...Read More

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