Digital Disruptors

As Gartner defines: “A digital disruptor is any entity that effects the shift of fundamental expectations and behaviors in a culture, market, industry, technology or process that is caused by, or expressed through, digital capabilities, channels or assets.”

Scotland’s EdTech Market – Scottish startups pioneering Digital Education innovations

In the UK alone the 'EdTech' sector is forecast to be a £3.4 bn market. With a portfolio of exciting…

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Dating Disruption — How Tinder Gamified an Industry

Case study analysis of how Tinder massively disrupted an already technologically adept industry.

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‘Open Banking 3.0’ – The Fusion of Blockchain, Self-Sovereign Identity and Digital Banking

A white hot niche market opportunity lies in the intersection of Blockchain, Self Sovereign Identity with the Open Banking trend.

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Scottish Digital Disruptors – Building a Nation of Digital Dragons

Skills and support for Scotland's businesses to pioneer disruptive digital business models and drive hyper-scale global growth.

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Gamify your digital business model

Encouraging deeper and viral engagement through incorporating game-design elements, rewarding users with digital badges and points.

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How might Scotland harness, and pioneer, Artificial Intelligence?

A summary landscape analysis of Artificial Intelligence and the massive potential it presents for Scotland.

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Open Banking – Scotland’s Global Opportunity

An overview of the massive Open Banking trend, and the global opportunity it presents for Scottish digital entrepreneurs.

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Starling Bank – Pioneering the Platformification of Banking

A Tech Start-up With a Banking Licence This video introduces how Starling Bank is a pure Cloud-based, mobile only digital…

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Cloud-powered VR Gaming : A niche specialism for Scotland?

A hyper-scale industry niche market opportunity for Scotland.

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Thriving After Brexit – Scotland Should Reboot on the Blockchain

Digital economy luminary Don Tapscott and son Alex share cutting edge insights on how Scotland could prosper on the Blockchain.

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