Digital Nation

Building a World-Leading Scottish Digital Nation

The mission of Digital Scotland is to support and help accelerate the Scottish Government’s ambition for the country to become a world leading digital nation.

Social Learning Communities – Building a Peer to Peer Digital Learning Nation

Our portal will pioneer a 'Social Learning' approach to Digital Education, a peer to peer community where members can…

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Scotland’s EdTech Market – Scottish startups pioneering Digital Education innovations

In the UK alone the 'EdTech' sector is forecast to be a £3.4 bn market. With a portfolio of exciting…

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Building a Scottish Digital Learning Nation: Scotland Needs a ‘Virtual School’ is our plan to roll out an e-learning community platform, to pioneer new models for education and build a…

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E-Estonia: Target Architecture for a Future Digital Scotland

E-Estonia offers a blueprint for Scotland to emulate to build a world leading digital nation.

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Building a Scottish digital ecosystem on the Blockchain

A Blockchain and Digital Identity platform will provide a keystone foundation for Scotland's digital economy.

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A Digital Village Improvement District strategy for revitalizing local economic growth in Scotland

A 'Digital Village Improvement District' strategy offers a new paradigm for revitalizing local economic growth.

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Growing rural tourism and e-commerce with Digital Village ‘Virtual Farmer Markets’

Digital Villages enable rural communities to offer a single online tourism and 'virtual farmers market' e-commerce experience for visitors.

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Is 5G the answer to rural Scotland’s broadband needs?

Building Digital Scotland with 5G and Superfast Broadband.

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Tapping into the Gig Economy to Address Scotland’s Rural Population Crisis

Digital Villages provide a platform for 'On Demand Economy' co-working models across Scotland's rural communities.

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Scotland’s Rural College – A Five Point Action Plan for Boosting Rural Economies

Our Digital Village initiative is designed around analyzing key policy recommendations for growing Scotland’s rural communities.

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