Digital Transformation

Transformation skills, practices and organizational innovations, through new technologies including Cloud, RPA and AI.

A Recipe for ‘ChatOps’ with Slack and AWS Lambda

A Recipe for Integrating Slack and Chat Bots into your DevOps process.

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Monzo – How to build a Digital Bank using AWS

Case study analysis of how Monzo built a digital bank on AWS using open source Cloud Native technologies.

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Building a Cloud Native Digital Factory – The Role of Software Testing in Digital Transformation

Fusing Cloud Native software practices with a Digital Factory organizational model offers the ultimate blueprint for accelerating digital innovation.

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Scotiabank: Exemplar Blueprint for Building a ‘Digital Factory’ to Accelerate Digital Innovation

Scotiabank has created 'PLATO', their Platform Organization, and adopted a 'Digital Factory' model for development teams to accelerate digital innovation.

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GitOps – An operating model for building cloud native applications

Gitops is an approach based on using Git as the central, single source of truth for application development and deployment.

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Cloud Solution Design – Selecting the Right Cloud Service for Your Business

A guide explaining the different types of Cloud service options, and how to select the right one for your business…

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Comparing Slack vs Microsoft Teams

In the last five years, various applications and alternatives have emerged, aimed at companies that need business chat software designed…

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Enterprise Digital Platform – Integrating RPA and AI into the Enterprise

'Enterprise Digital' defines a model and strategy for large organizations adopting the plethora of new AI-centric capabilities, from RPA through…

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Low Code Service Design – Drag and Drop Digital Transformation

'Low-Code Service Design' refers to the use of low-code software development tools within a context of service design, highlighting the…

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Going Cloud Native Boosts Share Prices – Harnessing ‘Web Scale IT’

Becoming a Cloud Native Business In this day and age you wouldn’t think having a web site would be a…

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