Technology Futures

A look into the short and long term to forecast the future direction of technology.

Digital Currency Options for an Independent Scotland

A Blockchain-based digital currency would provide a keystone foundation for an Independent Scotland.

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Artificial Super Intelligence: Should We Be Worried?

Artificial Super Intelligence is the hypothetical AI where machines become self-aware and surpass the capacity of human intelligence and ability.

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The Evolution of Virtual Reality by 2025

Imagine a world where you can become the leading actor of your favorite movie.

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How Far is Too Far? | The Age of A.I.

Robert Downey Jr. is joined by Will.I.Am and Mark Sagar to explore identity, creativity, and collaboration between humans and machines.

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‘Open Banking 3.0’ – The Fusion of Blockchain, Self-Sovereign Identity and Digital Banking

A white hot niche market opportunity lies in the intersection of Blockchain, Self Sovereign Identity with the Open Banking trend.

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How might Scotland harness, and pioneer, Artificial Intelligence?

A summary landscape analysis of Artificial Intelligence and the massive potential it presents for Scotland.

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Augmented Reality – Pioneering the Metaverse in Scotland

From Oil & Gas through Telemedicine and Digital Tourism, Augmented Reality can enable a myriad of transformative industry solutions, each…

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Cloud-powered VR Gaming : A niche specialism for Scotland?

A hyper-scale industry niche market opportunity for Scotland.

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