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RFP Alert: Changeworks – Web Site Transformation

Web site modernization project to move away from Drupal and increase adoption of Microsoft Azure and Power Platform.

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Changeworks: Web Site Transformation Project

RFP Summary

Business Case

We recognise that our current website is not serving us well and will be developing an organisational digital strategy. We require an agency to partner with on this transformation journey that can help establish a new improved website and a new standard for how we develop digital information and services linking with our established organisational systems.

A digital strategy is in development, alongside a digital framework. Improving our user journeys and website is integral to achieving our strategic aims and to maximise reach, efficiency and engagement. As an organisation, we are in the process of pivoting to be userled and insight-driven to develop intuitive and supportive journeys to support decarbonisation of homes. An organisation-wide customer journey is being planned, which will need to be developed in tandem with our website transformation.

Tech Platform

Changeworks’ staff and teams range from those that are highly digitally capable, to people who have few or limited skills. We are in the process of moving to SharePoint and embedding usage of Power Platform capabilities such as our CRM across Changeworks, and we are still in process of adoption and learning. There is an ICT team responsible for Power Platform, CRM and support relating to information technology.

The Digital, Marketing and Communications team is responsible for the website and have a content lead, but only limited SEO capabilities, and no developer or UX resources.

We are currently using Drupal 7 but it is not fit for purpose. While we can make minor updates to our website, bigger changes to webpages need to be done through an agency, which is time-consuming and not cost-effective. Our website is not optimised towards user needs and user journeys are poorly mapped out. Though we have a wealth of quality content, it is difficult to find and surface to users, and our service proposition is unclear.

Project Scope

  1. Develop a digital roadmap for our website transformation project incl. project timeline, milestones and quality assurance.
  2. Develop user personas and journeys for our B2B and B2C audiences, engaging with Changeworks teams through a Discovery phase to determine which services or aspects of services are equipped with online self-servicing and/or lead generation in a phased approach. Includes providing support with:
    a. Content audit and content migration
    b. User personas and journeys development and testing
    c. Plan for lead generation
    d. SEO and content development
  3. Re-platform the Changeworks website to a more user-friendly CMS (and develop a Minimum Viable Product version as necessary before full website launch alongside new brand).
  4. Ensure the website, CMS, tech stack and other necessary components can integrate with current and future requirements, and are able to support Changeworks’ ambitious aims of scaling up reach through digital including digital service design over the 22-25 strategic period and beyond.
    1. Changeworks is invested in Microsoft (including use of Power Platform for e-marketing and as our CRM). The long-term aim is to use Microsoft Azure Cloud. Sharepoint migration began in May ’22. Dynamics 365 / Power Platform can integrate with the majority of systems as long as they accept HTTP requests, which most modern CMS and websites should be able to handle.
  5. Ongoing (min. 3 years) contract for hosting and maintenance incl. options for annual extensions and break-out clauses.


Identify and map out costings for the above as well as phased project management cycles as may be required.

a. Proposed costings for website transformation project
b. Proposed costings including fixed budget for maintenance and hosting
c. Estimate costings for future development work (for example for new online services or further integrations)


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