Cloud Native Pioneers in Scotland

Cloud Native – The Future of Software Engineering

As described in a previous blog the CTO for AWS Werner Vogels defines the future of enterprise technology to be ‘Cloud Native’.

The core principles include the use of containers, continuous deployment DevOps practices and a microservices software architecture.

This enables a faster throughput of digital innovation. When business systems are based on ‘black box’ legacy applications, like mainframes, the ability to modify and improve them can prove difficult, expensive and slow, often due to the required skills being long gone.

New features that bring new value to customers is achieved as a function of software engineering. Digital natives like Netflix and Amazon have wholly moved to an entirely Cloud Native architecture and are thus able to develop and bring new features to market far quicker than their legacy-bound competitors.

Scottish digital leaders like Skyscanner are employing this new Cloud Native approach, one that involves a wholesale embrace of the Cloud computing trend, not just in terms of where software is hosted but how that software is developed and how teams are organized to deliver it.

Featured Digital Scot: Renovite

Another Scottish tech firm pioneering the trend is Renovite.

Renovite is harnessing this approach to develop disruptive solutions for the banking sector, from their offices in Dunfermline where they recently enjoyed a £250k grant to create 28 new jobs.

They offer a platform for transforming payments infrastructure, such as ‘ATMs in the Cloud‘, a particularly novel niche specialism. Scotland is facing widespread closure of bank branches and ATMs, so clearly there is a market need to address and innovative new Cloud-based capabilities would be a smart way to do so.

Cloud Native Banking

As he describes in this article Renovite COO Jim Tomaney explains how they enable banks to apply this transformation to their legacy ATM infrastructure, making possible this heightened rate of digital innovation for an aspect of their customer experience that is often completely ignored in the digital banking conversation.

Renovite Technologies’ products are engineered from the ground up using cloud-native technologies and fully leverage the advantages of Kubernetes and Docker containerization. Importantly, this means that Renovite’s products deliver true elastic-scalability – applications can easily and smoothly accommodate changing workloads while keeping your computing costs as low as possible.

Their approach offers many benefits:

  • DevSecOps: We incorporate security into our development pipeline, scanning dependent libraries for security issues and enforcing policies on internal shared libraries during not after delivery.
  • Containerization: Using Docker, we can build and ship our software in a standard and consistent manner and manage it using Kubernetes container orchestration engines in cloud environments.
  • Test Automation: Our DevSecOps pipeline includes Renovite’s Reno-Test test automation platform for complete regression certification of each build for QA approval and release.
  • Secure delivery: Our pipeline delivers into our Private Docker Hub Repositories ready for delivery to customers securely.

Engineering for growth

The Cloud Native trend represents the largest shift of enterprise technology since the first data centres, the market it will drive will be astoundingly large. And of course digital banking is itself a mega trend, so this intersection is a massive niche for Scotland to tap into through innovators like Renovite.

They are very active in taking this message to the world, such as taking part in a trade mission to Austria and Switzerland, and forming alliances with partners like Madrid-based Cashware to build and globalize comprehensive ATM modernization solutions for banks across the world.

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