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Computer Science is for Everyone | Hadi Partovi

Hadi Partovi, CEO of, Believes Computer Science is For Everyone.

Speaking at Tedx Rainier Hadi Partovi delivered this persuasive talk on how essential and easy it is to gain a basic understanding of Computer Science learning principles.

Our world increasingly driven by technology and software, so we all need to know the creative, problem-solving power of computer science. This is especially important to students who will lead the way in our shared future.

Hadi Partovi learned computer science so he could have games to play on the computer his father gave him (a Commodore 64) when he was 10 years old in Iran. Since then he has worked as computer programmer and also as an entrepreneur, investor, and as co-founder of, a nonprofit dedicated to growing computer science education in the US and worldwide. Tutorials offers a mind-boggling large platform to support their goals, hosting over 60 million students, 2 million teachers and 180 million projects, with a huge array of courses and tools.

Their tutorials are useful and adapted to the modern world, like learning to code while schools are closed due to Covid, and what is especially amazing is the content developed by students, which we will be featuring extensively as they are so informative and inspiring for others seeking to follow their path.


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